Naked knitting world weaves yarns around web

Who would have thought that between the cups of tea, Eastenders repeats and Sunday roasts, the knitting community was silently creating a formidable, secret and deadly presence on the web. Even web 2.0 is not safe from the knit-one-pearl-one needles, gradually weaving their subtle threads around us. There is even nakedness, gasp, of all things!

What are you talking about WebTwitcher? You may rightfully ask. Are you quite mad? No would be the answer, because I bet you've never seen the Stitching for Sanity blog. It's funny, it's interesting and...it's about knitting. Add the knitter's feed to your MIX page for a bit of random knitting news (stick with me, I'll get to the naked bit in a second...)

For those of you who think knitting is the exclusive domain of over 95s with blue rinses, think again. A quick visit to the Yarn Harlot's blog will dispell myths of that nature. In fact, the list of knitting bloggers is apparently endless - WebTwitcher particularly likes Lolly Knitting Around though. Excellent blog if knitting is your thing.

Just get to the naked part, I hear you cry! Well, topping the curiosity chart, and no doubt the one site you will have to click on to visit, is Naked Knitting. Well I never did! A true Lady Godiva of the stitching world!


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