Three common myths about Apple – busted!

Apple, Inc. is one of the most successful, secretive tech companies in the world. The company is shrouded in secrecy and often lets journalists and tech enthusiasts freely speculate about its next big product release. While this secrecy seems to work for the company, it also transforms the company into a myth magnet. In tech circles, Apple is prime target for rumors and speculations. We bust three common myths about Apple to help you align your perceptions about the company with facts.

1. Apple can’t think outside the box without Steve Jobs

One of the biggest myths about Apple currently is that the company is at a complete loss without the genius of former chief executive Steve Jobs. Romour is: "Apple, Inc no longer knows how to think outside the box in the post-Jobs era. Instead of thinking outside the box, the company is trapped in a box." At first glance, you might understand where this rumor is coming from. Steve Jobs was the driving force of the company’s global success. His name is synonymous with Apple's success and without him it would appear there is trouble.

However, to say that Apple has reached the peak of its innovation ignores the larger picture of what the company is trying to achieve with its product lines under new chief executive Tim Cook. The company stills shows it has got its characteristic enterprise and innovation in the post-Job era. For example, Apple’s latest operating system for mobile devices (iOS6) is innovation at its best. iOS6 features Passbook, an incredibly useful wallet application that positions Apple well to become a big player in the mobile-payment market.

2. Apple is a step away from bankruptcy

Another prevalent myth in the tech world is that Apple is a step away from bankruptcy. This myth has been the running joke in tech circles since the launch of the company and was particularly loud when Apple produced the Newton – its first commercial writable tablet PC. Despite predictions that the tablet PC would be a total failure, the Newton became the opposite – a total commercial success!

The talk that Apple is going out of business has resurfaced, perhaps catalysed by Steve Job’s passing on and the recent release of a mistake-filled mobile map app that prompted an apology from Apple’s new chief executive in the fall of 2012. However, talk that Apple is going out of business has existed for the last 33 years. It is not likely that critics will stop predicting doom for the company now even though they have a hard time finding anything to criticize about the company’s year-on-year sales figures.

3. Apple Macintosh can't get viruses

The most widespread myths about Apple products is that relating to Macs. People believe that Macs can’t get infected with viruses and other malware. The truth, however, is that no operating system is completely impervious to malware, including the exalted Mac OS X. Macs do get infected with viruses and other malware. The only difference is the extent and types of malware attacks is lower in Macs. Malware developers typically want to reach the largest possible audience with the least possible effort. Since Microsoft Windows PCs account for the largest sales in the market, Windows OS is prime target for malware and not Mac OS X.

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