Mystery apple product on the way

Between the iPad and the iPhone 4, the old-fashioned iPod line has been a big neglected by old Apple recently. It looks like that period of neglect might be coming to an end, though, if this mysterious leaked photo is anything to go by.

Unveiled by Hong Kong-based Apple site Apple.pro, this appears to be a tiny touchscreen, just 3cm square. We know it's made by Apple - it says so on the ribbon on the side - but we don't know why.

Engadget reckons it could be a preview of the new iPod Nano, while Gizmodo is more inclined to think it's for the next Shuffle.

We reckon Engadget are probably closer, given that the Shuffle has never had a screen before. But you never know with Apple - maybe the time for the iKeyring has come?

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