MySpace wins $234 million in antispam case

MySpace, the social-networking giant has won a $234 million antispam judgment. The losers in the case, brought under the US anti-spam measures Can-Spam, were the defendants Walter Rines and Sanford Wallace who are going to be tightening their belts a wee bit.

Wallace, also known as "Spamford" and the "spam king", was the head of CyberPromotions, one of the main exponents of junk emails in the 1990s sending over 30m spam emails per day.

Last year MySpace accused Wallace of launching a phishing scam in an attempt to access MySpace profiles. The so-called "spam king" was also charged with spamming Myspace user accounts with unsolicited adverts.

Can-Spam decided to award $100 in damages for each spamming violation with the figure rising to $300 when the spammer acted "willfully and knowingly". With Rines and Wallace sending 735,925 messages to the popular social-networking at $100 a pop it means that MySpace employees will be all be rejoicing while chanting their new mantra, "Spam spam spam spam. Lovely spam!"

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