MySpace to lay off two thirds of international staff

MySpace has announced that it will lay off 300 of its 450 employees outside of the USA. The news means that over 700 of the social networking site's 1,800 strong workforce are set to be handed their P45 in the near future.

The decision to make redundancies at the troubled social networking site means that a number of its international offices will be set to close. TechCrunch released details of MySpace CEO Owen Van Natta's email to staff regarding the redundancies.

"Upon completion of the proposed plan, London, Berlin, and Sydney would become the primary regional hubs for MySpace's international operations. Under the proposed plan, MySpace would place all existing offices in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, France, India, Italy, Mexico, Russia, Sweden, and Spain under review for possible restructure."

In an example of true office speak the email also notes that the "restructuring steps taken have laid the groundwork for an exciting new chapter of innovation for MySpace". Since when has the phrase 'exciting new chapter' been a euphemism for redundancy?

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