Myspace to introduce third-party data transfer

MySpace has announced that it will allow its users to transfer their profile data such as biographical info, friends list, photos and videos to third-party web sites. Yahoo, eBay, Photobucket, and Twitter have all joined Myspace in the third-party data transfer venture, and the list will soon include Facebook, Myspace's biggest rival.

"Today, we're announcing the launch of Myspace Data Availability, an innovative offering to empower the global Myspace community to share their public profile content and data to web sites of their choice throughout the internet", Myspace CEO and co-founder Chris DeWolfe told reporters.

The news comes in the same week when it was reported that Myspace won't meet its projected revenue target in 2008 of $1bn through advertising. But Myspace is still the most popular social networking site online boasting 73 million regular users compared to Facebook's 36 million. But will MySpace's third-party data transfer mean that people like the guy in the video below will have nothing left to complain about?

MySpace or FaceBook?

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