MySpace gets a facelift

MySpace is set for a facelift as of today. The redesign will see the popular social networking site add an enhanced TV player, a new search tool and new personalisation tools.

Plans for the redesign were drawn up after months of online research, user testing and feedback to MySpace founder Tom Anderson's profile page. The new features will be added throughout the week as the company look to overhaul its site design.

The new search tool will give results based on user location while it will be easier to search for and share content on MySpace TV. The social networking site will also introduce personalisation options based on the many third-party developed customisation kits available.

This is the first time that MySpace has redesigned its site and it seems to partly be a reaction to the popularity of its main rival Facebook which according to comScore overtook MySpace as the world's most popular social networking site last month.

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