MySpace co founder not that young after all

A fantastic story emerged this week about MySpace co founder Tom Anderson, who seems to have been misrepresenting his age on his MySpace profile. When he set up the site, the so-called “Anderson” claimed he was 27 – in fact, he was 32. According to some digging by TechCrunch he’s now nearly 37, but his profile still knocks those years off and has his age as 31.

As shocks go this is right up there with the news that some YouTube emails may be spam, but as ever when huge sums of money are in the vicinity, some people are taking it more seriously. Did a company run by twentysomethings make a better story for investors than one run by thirtysomethings? We wouldn’t be surprised to find that Tom was simply suffering a bit of post-30 denial – and we’re sure his 207 million friends will forgive him…

(Image: from Bitterjug’s Flickr stream)

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