Muxtape resurrects the mixtape

It seemed that filesharing, Myspace and the iPod had killed the mixtape. There was always something exciting yet quaint about getting a mixtape back in the day.

The audio quality was usually awful but it was the hours spent selecting the perfect tracks to fit on a 90 minute tape that made the mixtape so special. Well, thanks to the music sharing site Muxtape there's no need to wallow in nostalgia for your misspent youth the rest of the afternoon.

We love a good, simple idea over here at DigitalEdge Towers and Muxtape is exactly that. It's unbelievably simple. There's a three field registration and no downloading of software. You simply upload 12 mp3s onto your virtual mixtape which can then be accessed by anyone on the net via the Muxtape site. The only real problem that we can foresee is selecting the 12 songs!

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