Music goes graphic

They say a picture tells a thousand words. Well, in a weird fusion of geek and cool, a graph now tells a five-minute song.

There’s a craze on photo-sharing site flickr which is basically putting songs into graph form. It’s amazing how many deep, tortured messages you can quickly communicate with a visual aid.

It works on everything, from golden oldies like Elvis’ Blue Suede Shoes to the Barenaked Ladies smash hit One Week. Ghostbusters, so recently “sweded”  by Jack Black and pals, does particularly well in graph form .

Even U2 can magically stop being depressing when they get the treatment.

It might be geeky (or, indeed, take geeky to dizzy new heights) but it has got that rock and roll soul. It’s undeniably cool. As MC Hammer sang – U can’t touch this!

(Image: from lumarxart's flickr stream)

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