Murray the sports simulation fanatic

One of the best target markets for sports simulation games is, it seems, top sportsmen. It’s strange to think that Premier League footballers spend their downtime when they aren’t kicking a ball controlling their computer game avatars in the various FIFA simulations.

Tennis maestros are no exception. Andy Murray admitted to a fondness for Virtua Tennis in an interview with The Guardian. In fact he said that many top professionals while away their spare time hitting a few virtual tennis balls.

"You have off days on the road, or you have a lot of days where it’s raining, where you play with other players on the tour," Murray said. "Rafa Nadal plays quite a lot. All the players do it. A lot of tournaments have computer games on site."

When the tennis simulations started to feature an Andy Murray avatar, the Scot knew he had arrived, although at first he wasn’t over keen on playing as himself. "I’ve started to a little bit more lately," he said. "When I first started on computer games, my guy wasn’t very good, so I wouldn’t play as myself, but I’m glad to see he’s starting to get a little bit better."

He’s particularly impressed by the way that video game animation techniques have improved considerably in recent years, with the latest Virtua Tennis 4 the most impressive.

"They’ve got me pretty much down to a T now," Murray said. "I’ve played it quite a lot and I was quite realistic. They had a lot of my reactions after points down perfectly. They’ve done a great job. The game gets more realistic with each version, which is nice."

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