Murdoch's Daily hits UK

Rupert Murdoch launched a new newspaper in the UK last week. No, he didn't bring back the little-mourned News of the World, nor did he launch the widely-expected Sun on Sunday. In fact it's not a news'paper' at all.

It's The Daily, News Corp's iPad-based daily news, er, thing. Seven months after its US launch, The Daily has appeared in the UK App Store.

Surprised you haven't heard more about it? Well, bear in mind that there isn't actually a UK edition of The Daily - yet. Rather, the US variety has been made available in the UK App Store, for those of us who like reading about US news. Presumably a few such people exist. As CNET reports, 'Today's issue includes stories on Republican politics, a Minnesota fire, and US house repossessions. It also has a story about Sarah Palin's 'sexy past' and an investigation into the nude pictures of Scarlett Johansson that leaked online.'

Need-to-know stuff, we're sure you'll agree. Interested? You can try the Daily out for just 69p a day, or pay £27.99 for a year's access. That's an awful lot cheaper than other newspapers like The Guardian, but on the other hand, those others do actually contain some UK news...

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