Pump it up with multimedia speakers

No computer is complete until it is hooked up with a "bangin" set of multimedia speakers. They are vital whether you are watching a movie, playing some games or just kicking back to your favourite band's latest album - it doesnt take long to realize that your Laptop's built-in speakers are not up to the job.

These days there many options when selecting a set of speakers. You can have USB powered, battery powered or old fashioned mains powered. There are sub-woofers, tweeters, 5.1 or 2.1. You even can get separate controls for volume.

That's all before we get into the infinite number of multimedia speaker brands available. Logitech and Creative are arguably two of the best but there are some great budget brands available as well you just need to do your research.

Reviews are available online for almost every set of speakers you can buy and I recommend searching for the model number or just browsing the reviews till you find your perfect set. Nothing however beats a live demo so when you call into the shop bring your ipod with you and ask the salesman to let you test the speakers in the store before you make your purchase.

A major aspect in any purchase of multimedia speakers is the speaker's ability to play both low bass notes and high treble without crackling or losing fidelity. So when you are testing them, ensure the songs you play feature both types.

Then all that's left for you is to get them home, plug them in and enjoy the beats!

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