Multifunction printer - How to save in 5 ways

A multifunction printer can help you save in 5 ways:

  1. 4 Products in 1
  2. Save money
  3. Save time
  4. Save space
  5. Save energy

4 Products in 1

If you start by needing a printer, you may soon need other function and features such as faxing, scanning and copying.


With your own printer cum fax, you don't have to look elsewhere for a fax when you need one. If you use an internet fax, you will need a soft copy rather than a hard copy of your document. If you only have a hard copy, you will need to scan it first. Besides, free internet faxes are not as reliable as your own physical fax machine.


Now you can make backups of your hard copies by scanning them. This helps you to preserve information and reduce clutter at the same time.


Forget about the local copy shop the next time you need to photostat. Turn to your own printer cum copy machine.

Save money and time

By using your own machine rather than patronising a shop, you save money and time. You can adjust the settings just the way you like it and deliver your documents in the way you think best, at minimal fuss.

Save space

Imagine how much home office space you are saving with a 4 in 1 machine instead of 4 individual machines. You also minimise cord clutter which can be unsightly and even hazardous.

Save energy

You save energy consumption with a 4 in 1 machine than if you are using individual machines. Also look out for multifunction printers that meet the energy efficiency guidelines set by your local authority.

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