Much ado about (almost) nothing

Here at Digitaledge we like to think we focus on giving you the hot tech news, without worrying too much about predicting the future. But we felt pretty prophetic this week. A few days ago we reported that Yahoo! was closing down its user-generated video service, and wondered whether users would protest. Well, the very next day, a huge user firestorm exploded in Yahoo's face. Admittedly, it wasn't because of the changes at Yahoo! Video - as expected, they went largely unnoticed. Rather, it was the news - leaked via a meeting slide that found its way into the tech press - that Yahoo was to close Delicious, its beloved-of-geeks social bookmarking service. The internet went a bit mental.

Of course, a rumour can be halfway around the world before the truth has its boots on. In fact, the Delicious blog clarified the next day, Yahoo doesn't want to shut Delicious down - they want to sell it. Which is still a big deal, but doesn't require quite the same degree of panic on behalf of users. Tech blog Techcrunch took one look at the whole affair and concluded that 'Yahoo Has Hit Rock Bottom And Is In 'Absolute Disarray''.

The whole sorry affair did have one winner, though: Delicious rival Pinboard, which picked up thousands of new users fleeing Delicious in a panic. Ah, capitalism.

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