MTV Twitter Jockey job vacancy

Do you like time-wasting on Twitter whilst slouching on the sofa and watching a solid seven hours of TV? In fact, do you think you think you deserve a medal for you talents?

Well, the music channel who were famed for revolutionising music telly with their video jockies back in the 90s are branching out. As times change so do job descriptions: now they’re looking, not for a VJ but a TJ - a Twitter Jockey. MTV executive Dave Sirulnik says that the ideal candidate will be, ‘dynamic, engaging and energized, an enthusiast within the social media world and somebody who will represent the audience by taking their thoughts and questions and through an ongoing dialogue with them, be able to bring those questions inside the walls here to the people who make MTV.’

So far, the short list is down to 18 individuals, but if you’re interested you're still in with a chance - they’re looking for two more potentials who will compete in various social-networking challenges with the winner being picked after a live show final on the 8th August.

And that’s not even the good news: the MTV TJ will earn a $100,000 salary and be based in New York. Check out MTV to apply.

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