Best mp3 players for video watching

With the price of mp3 players these days continuing to go up, it's important to extract as much value as possible from your purchase. With this in mind, you'll probably want to pick up mp3 players with video.

Most mp3 players on the market these days will happily handle video files. It's become a staple across the range since 2008 or thereabouts. Screens keep getting bigger for this very reason, and it's now possible to watch a feature film on your mp3 player without getting strained eyes!

Of all the mp3 players that support video, we especially recommend you check out the iPod Touch collection. These iPods have a massive, vibrant screen, that will do justice to any video you put on there.

However, it's worth remembering that the type of video file you put on the iPod is limited. You are mostly going to be putting mp4 videos on there, which may require you to convert a lot of your video content.

Luckily the internet is crammed with free software that will perform this conversion for you. As most of your videos are probably in .avi format, they are easily converted. A quick google search will throw up plenty of sites that will convert the video quickly and easily for you.

The rest of the Apple range of mp3 players will also easily handle your videos in the same manner. Even the tiny iPod Nano is fully video compatible these days. However, from a comfort point of view, the iPod Touch is the only one we can really recommend.

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