Ways to Use MP3 Players and Your iPod

The Apple iPod is mainly used to download and listen to music. However, there are other ways to use the mp3 players ipod functions. One creative way to use the iPod MP3 player is for education purposes. The use of an iPod has evolved beyond its original intention due to advancements in technology as well as demand for various features. Today, the mp3 players ipod features applications for video podcasts, audio books and presentations.

Online Learning Tools

The MP3 player can be used to gain access to online learning tools at education institutions. Some online tools used by the iPod MP3 player include the My Training Centre. This training platform features video tutorials and guides for entrepreneurs. Training includes website design, marketing, search engine optimization and more. There is a tips for podcasts online tool that teaches people to utilize search and navigation methods for audio and video resources from the podcasts. These are just some of the ways that the Apple iPod has contributed to learning and advancing education.

Study Guides

Downloadable study notes and charts are available online for education purposes. The iPod MP3 player offers users with study guide content in vocabulary, computer study, business and foreign language. Online studyguides applicable to the iPod MP3 player include the Cisco study guides for professionals and include study practice exams in various Cisco certifications programs. Book on Board provides downloadable content for various book genres including education books, classics and self-help books. Audio Learn online resources for the MP3 player provides downloadable test preparation guides.

Education and Public Service

Universities and colleges have programs that provide reading and video content to students studying various disciplines. Content can be provided via podcasts. Students can download course syllabus, upload course lectures all to their MP3 player. The content is usually pre-recorded lessons and lectures to assist students to educate and advance their knowledge. Universities that already use this technology include the Harvard Extension School. National Public Radio is a service that provides NPR Science Friday, downloadable MP3 audios about the environment, technology and health issues.


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