Apple iPod Nano - More than just an MP3

The Apple iPod Nano isn't your standard mp3 player! In fact, it's probably one of the best choices out there for personal music players! It has all the features you'd expect from the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, making it a big hit in the marketplace. Here are just some of the features you'll be receiving.

FM Radio - The FM Radio feature is divided into Radio Nano and Live Pause. Here is a short explanation of how to use them:

  • Radio Nano: The FM tuner presents the song, artist or program that the user is listening to. People only have to see the radio controls by tapping and flicking the radio dial to change stations. They can tap to set their favourite ones.
  • Live Pause: In the case that users want to take a break from listening, they have to tap to pause and tap once more if they want to continue where they paused. They can also rewind back about 15 minutes and fast-forward to succeed in reaching the live broadcast.

Built-in Accessibility - People can enjoy music with the help of the accessibility features that the iPod Nano offers.

  • Voiceover: It’s able to speak 29 languages when it tells you the name of the song or artist. Users have to touch the screen to hear a description of the item, double-tap and drag to take control of the iPod Nano. Also use the optional Earphone with Remote and Mic to manage the music and not look at the screen.
  • White on Black: iPod Nano permits users to change the image to white on black. That is for people who like higher contrast displays. * Mono Audio: People can turn on Mono Audio to change audio into both ear buds in order to listen to both channels in each ear.

iTunes - iTunes satisfies people by providing the latest music, audiobooks, podcasts and others.

  • Fill, Browse and Organize: iTunes is the best way to fill the iPod Nano, to browse and organize music and videos on PC or Mac.
  • iTunes Library: All the stuff the user buys on the iTunes Store or music from CDs he or she imports, comes into sight at the iTunes library. The user is able to make his/her own playlists, choose Genius Mixes, invent Genius playlists, and other options.


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