Mozilla target record for Firefox 3 download

Mozilla are hoping that Version Three of their web browser Firefox will smash the world record for downloads when it is finally released. The non-profit organization are trying to get users to sign up to take part in the launch of their new browser, Firefox 3, ahead of its launch date.

Microsoft's Internet Explorer is still the world's most popular web browser having taken over from web pioneer Netscape. But Firefox is now generally regarded as the best web browser in terms of usability, stability and security. It is favourite amongst the web savvy as well as developers because it is open source so anyone can design new add-ons.

Firefox 3 has been in development for almost three years and will feature new anti-virus integration as well as increased usability and stability. The zoom feature offered by Firefox has been further developed allowing the user use shortcuts to zoom in on text and photos.

While Firefox is utilised by 40% of internet users in Eastern Europe and approximately 20% in the US, that figure drops as low as 15% in the UK. Mozilla will be hoping that the launch of Firefox 3 will see that figure rise.

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