Move over Gordon, the webworld's invading the kitchen

You may be forgiven for thinking the web's full of game-playing, code-generating bespectacled boys. And, a while back, you'd not have been far wrong. Who would have thought the Gastro Gods would stray into geek territory to spread some nutritional love?

Well, they have, so if you're interested in branching out in the kitchen, but need inspiration before adventuring towards the fridge, add Jamie Oliver's recipie feeds to your MIX for some tried and tested geezer grub. Love him or hate him his chubby face is here to stay - TV, books, supermarkets, the web...will the man be running for PM when Tone finally steps down one wonders?

Cooking with Amy is a good feed to keep track of, with great tips for those who like a leisurely read. I'm keeping my eye on the Accidental Hedonist's feed for intelligent, informed comment on the food world.

SlashFood is a spectacularly successful site well worth a browse, also with an RSS feed that can be added to your culinary MIX page. Got any exotic kitchen tips from the Web? Let me know so I can branch out from the standard Italian fayre I've been serving up in the WebTwitcher household lately!


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