Mountain Bike tyres with voltage!

Biking has a bright future. And you are assured to be riding the crest of the sustainable transport wave if you invest in an electric bike! Cycling is very much in vogue at the moment and every section of the biking community is experiencing growth and evolution. One area you can imagine that is benefiting from the latest in 'electric bike technology' is the mountain biking scene.

An internationally recognised and highly competitive sport, mountain biking is growing in popularity and becoming more accessible for the general public. All areas of the sport are changing and improving with demand: Lightweight frames, new mountain bike tyres, and compact electric mountain bike designs. Electric bikes have travelled a long way from the earliest designs, and are now not just confined to the suburban jungle.

There are now many durable and expertly crafted electric bikes that fold in half for transporting around the metro and underground, and also powerful electric mountain bikes. Development and refinement of the lithium battery means bikers can go longer and further than ever before. This means mountain biking is also pushing the boundaries, allowing riders to explore further territory and also conserve more energy for longer rides.

The expanded nature of this sport means innovative and cutting-edge technologies have been invented to support the electric mountain bike. So, if you are considering pushing the boundaries of biking, try out the latest in electric bikes and the new mountain bike accessories!

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