How to: Mountain Bike cycling

Mountain bike cycling is a fun and exciting way to pass your free time.

A mountain bike is a bicycle created for off-road cycling. This activity includes traversing of rocks and steep declines, on dirt tracks, logging roads and other unpaved environments.

Since the sport developed in the 1970's, many new subtypes of mountain bike cycling have sprung up such as downhill mountain biking and cross-country. While riding off-road can be quite demanding it can be an exciting world of fun for all ages.

Once you have a bike you can start, however there are limits to the amount of mountain bike cycling you should do at any one time. This depends on two things your age and your fitness. Take things easy at first but most importantly enjoy your mountain biking.

Mountain bikes are getting cheaper and better over the years. You need to be looking at paying over 400 Euro for a sustainable bike. One important thing to remember when buying a bike is what size frame you should get. Unlike road racing bikes, mountain bike frames need to be smaller to give you clearance when riding off-road.

Bike manufacturers guidelines and reputable mountain bike retailers can help you choose what size bike you will need.

The type of gear you might need when starting out includes a cycling helmet, a wind/waterproof jacket and a pair of runners with grippy soles.

You're sure to get a puncture while mountain bike cycling so bring a spare tube, pump and basic tools to fix it.

You can go mountain bike cycling anywhere from city parks to wild mountain terrain and relish the joy of cycling.

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