We review the Motorola SD9 HD stereo headphones

If you're looking for a whole new way to experience your music on the go, we can't recommend the excellent Motorola SD9 HD stereo headphones enough. Whether you're looking for a new set of headphones to listen to music from your Motorola phone on the go, or you want to use them to tune into your iPod you're more than covered here.

Available direct from Motorola at store.motorola.com for £119.99 they may seem a little expensive, but the quality of these bluetooth headphones really must be experience to be believed. Not only are we talking about some of the highest fidelity sound we have ever come across from a set of ear bud based earphones, but you'll also get to experience pure 3D surround sound and the wonders of the phenomenal SRS WOW HD acoustic technology that delivers your favourite songs in crystal clear sharpness.

The design of the SD9 HD headphones is excellent, with the pair weighting in at less than one ounce. Despite the lightweight nature of the headphones, they offer a surprisingly snug and secure fit, ensuring that you don't have any mishaps while out and about (this is especially handy for any joggers out there who like to listen to music while pounding the pavement).

If you are using them with your phone, the music will automatically stop in order to allow you to take the call, making them an ideal accessory for a wide range of Motorola handsets including the Droid X2, Cliq 2, Bravo, Flipout, Defy and ATRIX.

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