Buying a replacement Motorola MTH800 Charger

When you first start looking for a Motorola MTH800 charger it can be a bit daunting. They are difficult to find on the high street and with so many online stores offering them, it's hard to decide where to take your business.

The MTH800 is a top of the range six way radio that has a high resolution screen and a fully functioning sat nav. They are a very specialised and expensive product, which is the main reason it can be hard to find accessories for them on the high street. We recommend getting online to purchase your new charger.

The first port of call should be Motorola's website motorola.com, where you can find the chargers with a bit of searching for £25.99.

showcomms.co.uk have the charger for as little as £19.99 and they are a established and trusted UK dealer for all things wireless - so you can be sure your product will arrive on time and in perfect condition.

On ebay.co.uk, the chargers are available for the much friendlier price of £9.99 and many sellers will ship such a small item for free if you buy more then one product off them. As always when buying from eBay, ensure you are buying off a trusted seller.

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