We check out the Motorola Defy Android 2.3

Despite the fact that all the hype these days seems to be surrounding the Apple iPhone, or the new range of high powered HTC phones including the Desire S or the Hero, there is another company out there who are doing their best to claw their way back into the race for smartphone superiority. They are, of course, a name you'll no doubt be familiar with if you have owned a mobile phone at any point the last fifteen years, but following a bit of a dip recently, they're back better than ever. We are talking about the excellent Motorola.

If you're looking for a great value Android handset that'll allow you to do pretty much everything you've ever dreamt of with a phone, then the Motorola Defy Android 2.3 phone is the one for you. The Defy is a rugged and solidly built handset, featuring a scratch resistant 3.7 inch touch screen interface. Measuring up at just 107 x 59 x 13.4 mm, the Defy is a slick device that will comfortably fit in your hand as well as your pocket - unlike some of the bigger, bulkier phones out there these days.

With the Defy, you'll be able to browse the web in crystal clarity, and at top speeds thanks to the quad band capabilities of the handset. Not only that, but you'll be able to stay connected with all your friends on the latest social networking sites thanks to the integrated MotoBlur feature which allows you to sign into all your favourite sites with the touch of a button.

Available for just £20 per month on a 2 year contract with Orange at carphonewarehouse.com, you'll struggle to find a better value Android handset anywhere on the market. Should you want to buy the handset outright, without being tied to a contract The Carphone Warehouse offer it fully unlocked for just £239.95!

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