Motorola Charm brngs portrait QWERTY Android at last

Multi-touch, multi-touch, multi-touch. It's all anyone ever talks about these days. New phones have it, new PCs have it, even printers have it.

But some of us will never like typing by jabbing our fat fingers at letters on a screen. (Some of us have reallyfat fingers.) What are the smartphone options for the rest of us?

You could get one of many Android phones, but they tend to be the slide-down variety, where you have to turn your phone over, unfold the keyboard, and stand tapping away on a mini-laptop like some sort of futuristic cyber-yuppie. And, you know, you look a bit of a berk, and you can't use it with one hand.

There are smartphones which pack a full QWERTY kayboard into the bottom half of a portrait-orientation, easy-to-hold phone. But they're all either Blackberrys, which aren't great to use, or the Palm Pre, which though lovely has very few apps available for it.

Enter.....(drum roll please...) the Motorola Charm! It's the first Android phone with a full, portrait QWERTY keyboard built-in. Its screen is multi-touch so you can swish and pinch-to-zoom all you like, but underneath there's a reassuring, real keyboard.

The bad news is, it's only just been announced, so we in Europe might have to wait a while. But hopefully this is just the first of a new wave of portrait-QWERTY Android handsets. If not, I'll have to go back to my old Treo from five years ago...

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