MOTD2 incoming on iPlayer

The iPlayer is awesome! Fact! It quite literally makes the ‘unmissable, unmissable’. Unfotunately, since it went public it’s been less than awesome when it comes to on demand football highlights - that is, until now.

For some reason (rights, yada yada yada) Match Of The Day 1 & 2 hasn’t been allowed on the iPlayer but with the new Premiership season K-Oing only a matter of days away, Match Of The Day 2 will be added to the Beeb’s catch-up service.

There’s no word on why Saturday’s edition of MOTD won’t be going digital on demand but from the 16th Aug footie fans can watch all the weekend’s action of MOTD2 with new full-time hose Colin Murray. A Woo and a Hoo! And no, that’s not the sound of a vuvuzela, thank gawd...

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