More WP7 goodness

An update to Windows Phone 7 wasn't the only hot new software Microsoft showed off this week. It also demonstrated some great new apps for Windows Phone 7 - some home-made and others by third parties.

First up, here's one Microsoft made earlier: Internet Explorer. Yes, of course WP7 phones already have a version of Microsoft's browser built-in, but it's set for an update to match the version 9 that's currently running on people's desktops. And it appears to be really, really fast. How fast? Just watch the video:

Pretty impressive, huh?

Then there's Spotify. Yes, our favourite music app is coming to WP7. And it looks kinda gorgeous:

And finally: Angry Birds! Yes, the game no smartphone can be without will finally be available on WP7 on May 25. And, really, this one should have been ready at launch.

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