More World Cup Telly news

Once the Premiership comes to a close this Sunday and the media gives it a rest from brainwashing us about something called a ‘General Election’ *yawns* be prepared to be bombarded by World Cup hoo-ha every which way but loose. The footie tournament doesn’t kick off until 11th June but to help you prep for your coach potato binge Sony recently launched their cash-for-bangers scheme (give them your old TV and they’ll knock some cash off a new one for you) and now Currys have got in on some early action too.

Currys’ cash-for-goals scheme sees them hand over £10 for every goal England scores in the World Cup in South Africa. The only catch is you’ll need to fork out a minimum of £599 for one of their fancy HD TVs before the first kick-off.

Oh, and before you think you could be quids in when Capello’s army gets knocked out in the quarter finals on penalties, the deal excludes goals from the spot, um, and own goals.

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