More ways to spend

Hey! Did you spend loads of money at the weekend? You did, didn't you? But I bet you didn't spend quite as much money as you wanted to. You were pleased, sure, when pubs started taking cards and doing cashback, so you could take £50 out with you and somehow come home having spent £100. But even that's too complicated. What if you go out without your wallet? Or lose your card? There needs to be a way to spend money that's foolproof, so you never ever come home without spending a lot more than you can afford.

Well, haters of saving, rejoice! Wasting your money on crap is about to get easier. What if you could just pay for stuff using your phone? No pin number or hassle, you just wave your phone at the till and boom! - up to £15 removed from your account. Two hours' work, gone. In a heartbeat.

This sounds like hell on earth to us, but apparently some people (like, payment companies) see this as a good idea. So those brightly-coloured bastions of the future, Orange, have teamed up with Barclaycard and Mastercard to make it happen. You'll need a credit card that already has swipe-less payment functionality, and a suitably equipped phone - Samsung's Tocco Lite is the first - to set it up. Then off you go to Pret, grab a sandwich, a Diet Coke, wave your phone at the till and - zing! - that's £8 gone.

We hate this world.

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