More tablet delays

Why can't anyone get a tablet PC out in time? First the BlackBerry PlayBook was delayed for a month, apparently because Apple's iPad is using up all the capacity for manufacturing touchscreens and no-one else can get them made, which is both depressing and amusing at the same time. Now it's the turn of Eastern manufacturer Asus. Their Eee Pad Transformer has caught a lot of peoples' eye in recent weeks for its funky docking laptop-station contraption, and for its attractive price point - an iPad-busting $399 in the US. So demand probably is high.

That's the stated reason why Asus is delaying the global launch of its first Android tablet to... well, no-one knows really. As Engadget reports, 'demand for the Eee Pad Transformer has apparently been so high that the first few batches have sold out "much quicker' than it had planned,' so Asus is the company is 'directing folks to its Facebook pages for individual countries for more information, although they unfortunately aren't providing much in the way of details at the moment.'

The yanks will still get the thing at the end of this month, the greedy sods. Oh well. That Android tablet revolution keeps getting delayed, but we're sure it's going to start eventually.

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