More MobileMe rumours

Yet another flurry of rumours has broken out about upcoming changes to Apple's MobileMe cloud service. Introduced a few years ago, MobileMe currently offers iDevice users online syncing of email, contacts and calendars with their Macs - but it costs a rather unpleasant $99 a year.

Rumours have been swirling for a while that Apple would make MobileMe free, but the latest reports say Steve Jobs hasn't quite been converted to the 'freemium' business model yet and that instead it's going to see a price-slash to $20.

What would that money get you? Well, here the latest reports are in line with what's already been rumoured: the existing service would be augmented with online back-up of your documents and cloud-based storage of your iTunes purchases, letting you listen to your music collection on any device over the web.

Rumours of some sort of web-based iTunes access have been swirling since Apple bought online music service Lala in 2009. These latest rumours also tally nicely with things we heard this weekend about the next version of iOS, the software that runs the iPad and iPhone, being very 'cloud-focused'. Users of Android phones have noted the fact that setting them up involves little more than entering Google login details, while iOS devices are useless without a PC or Mac running iTunes to plug them into.

Of course, this could all be poppycock. So let's not get too excited yet. But we might not be waiting long - the smart money says we'll get a preview of both iOS 5 and the new MobileMe at the WWDC conference in a couple of months' time.

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