More iPhone 5 clues emerge

Another week, another round of iPhone 5 rumours. The main hints this week kind of contradict each other, but hey, Apple can make impossible products! They're magical and revolutionary, remember?

To whit. First up, some analysts have received word that the iPhone 5 is going to be, well, pretty boring. It'll be called the 'iPhone 4s', and it'll have a faster processor and slightly better camera than the current iPhone 4, but that's pretty much it.

A supposed iPhone 5 case that leaked over the weekend, though, suggests otherwise. The photo shows an iPhone 5 with a notably bigger screen, and almost no 'bezel' at the sides - in other words, a lot like the mock-up Josh Topolsky showed off at the site This is my Next a few weeks ago. If this redesign takes place, the iPhone 5 will probably be marketed as the iPhone 5, and not a '4S.'

Of course, neither supposed case photos nor analysts are very reliable sources, so the truth could be neither of these things. Ridiculous, huh? We probably shouldn't even be reporting this nonsense, but we know you, like us, can't get enough iPhone speculation.

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