More iPhone 4G rumours

With the iPhone 4G heavily rumoured to be launching in a matter of weeks new rumours have surfaced about which new show-off features we might expect. As is always the case for all new Apple products, features are not guaranteed until we can physically touch the gizmo, but it’s still fun till to dream. Here’s the low-down...

5 Megapixel Camera (upgrade from the current 3 Megapixels on the 3GS)

Removable Battery (a first for Apple)

Glowing Apple logo on the back (I'M OVER HERE! COME STEAL ME!)

LED Flash (no more blue lego brocks)

Front Facing Camera (for video calls)

64GB storage capacity

OLED Display (crisper display and better battery life)

Multi Touch (better control)

FM Radio (inc. tagging)

Dual-Core Processor (upgrade in speed)

Multi-tasking (backgrounder)

The iPhone 4G is expected to be released into the wild at the beginning of May, along with new firmware OS4 for current users of the iPhone 3G and 3GS.

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