More iPad details leak out, sort of

Here at Digitaledge, we're committed to bring you every little snippet of iPad 2 rumour, no matter how vague or untrustworthy. Naw, not really - but we think this passes the test. A Japanese tech blog has reported, courtesy anonymous sources in the Chinese supply chain, lots of details of the next-generation iPad 2 which everyone now expects Apple to announce soon, possibly during January's CES conference.

The report, as Engadget puts it, 'seems plausible in its specificity.' It says the iPad 2 will have a bezel - that's the frame around the screen - 3mm thinner than the original iPad, addressing one of the common complaints about the original. Dealing neatly with another common grumble, the iPad 2 will reportedly have an iPhone 4-style flat back, making it easier to rest on a tabletop.

Another convincing detail is that the rumours help settle a mystery that sprung up a couple of weeks ago - that of a large hole in iPad cases spotted in the wild in China. According to these latest reports, that hole is to make way for an extra-large speaker, which should give the iPad 2 audio on a par with a decent laptop.

Are these rumours true? Who knows. Will we find out soon? Probably. Is this a ludicrous amount of attention to be paid to a product we don't know for certain exists yet? Abso-bleedin'-lutely. But you love it, don't ya?

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