More Facebook phones show their, er, Faces

Whatever rumours you've heard, Facebook are not making a phone. It's just not their style. What is happening, though, is that lots of manufacturers are making phones with Facebook features built in to a greater or lesser extent. Last week, we saw the INQ Cloud, a new Android phone with Facebook features baked deep into the OS. And now we've seen a few more Zuckerberg-packing handsets.

First, there's the INQ Cloud Q, a companion piece to the phone revealed last week. Software-wise, it's similar, with News Feeds, friend lists and Places built in to the software. But it's got a QWERTY keyboard, and a weird square-ish shape. We're not sure we like it, but we're not sure it's aimed at us - this strikes us as one intended largely for the under-16s.

Mere software integration, though, is beginners' stuff when it comes to packing Facebook into a phone. HTC have taken it a step further. Their two new Facebook phones, the ridiculously-named Salsa and Chacha, have an actual dedicated Facebook button rather precariously placed at the bottom of the phones.

At first, we thought this button would just be a shortcut to a Facebook app, which would be a bit rubbish. But it turns out it's smarter than that. In fact, the button has different uses at different times, and even glows when pressing it will have a particular FB-related function. One highly-useful-sounding example: apparently you'll be able to check in to Facebook Places, telling your friends where you are, by pressing and holding the button. These phones are only for serious Facebook addicts, it seems, but that describes most people these days, so perhaps they'll do well...

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