More details emerge of Grid 10 tablet and Grid 4 phone

Yesterday we told you the strange story of Fusion Garage, the startup who developed a device called the CrunchPad, released it as the JooJoo, then developed another tablet under the pretend name of TabCo.

Now, thanks to Endgadget, we can see a few more details of the tablet, the Grid 10, and its unusual new operating system, Grid OS. As this video shows, it's a thin and fairly attractive piece of kit, and scrolling around the 'infinite' (not really) home screen looks like a laugh. At about the 5 minute mark, we see 'heartbeat,' an attractive notifications screen using trendy sans-serif fonts.

But Android, on which Grid OS is based, doesn't just give you apps on a home screen, but widgets as well. Is a fun-to-scroll home screen really a substitute for live weather, Twitter and email information?

And on the subject of Android, the big question about the Grid 10 remains unanswered: how well will it run Android apps? After all, Grid OS is based on Android and is supposed to retain compatibility with apps designed for Android tablets. But the video doesn't offer us a glimpse of what normal Android apps look like.

Of course, there's not just a tablet: there's also a phone, the grid 4. This pops up towards the end of the video and we've got to say, we're not in love. The infinite home screen concept that works so well on a tablet looks really odd on a phone-size screen.

But what do you think, readers? Are you interested in getting a little Grid-ed up?

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