More Chromey goodness

It might seem like it's Google Week here at Digitaledge, but we're almost finished recounting the crazy array of announcements the search giant has made recently. We've told you about their preview of Chrome OS, which turns their web browser into the basis for an entire operating system. But Chrome OS notebooks are months away, so for those of us rocking the regular Chrome browser, there were some extra treats.

Though Chrome OS is basically one big browser, you won't just use bookmarks to manage the different services you use, but 'apps'. We're not totally sure how Chrome 'apps' are different to, well, websites - the New York Times app, for example, just takes you to a specially-made page on the NYT website. But they all use HTML5 to produce pretty sophisticated user experiences. So, to make it easier to find them, Google have made an app store for Chrome.

Install a web app from the store, and it'll appear in a special 'apps' menu on the New Tab page. (You can't launch them from an existing page like you can with bookmarks, though.) You can set them to launch in a regular tab, or full-screen. It's a bit like installing a web page as a home-screen icon on an iPhone.

So far, so meh. But Chrome has something else new, too: instant search! In the next version of Chrome, version 9, typing into the search bar will see Google's prediction as to what you want popping up in the window below before you even press 'enter.' Which sounds like it'll save loads of time, but also cost Google a bit of revenue, as you won't actually need to visit their page to view the search results.

All of this will be with you soon, Chrome user, as well as the usual performance tweaks. Phew!

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