More Brink action

We’ve already shown off a couple of videos of Bethseda’s latest shooter Brink, which will be landing on shelves and online stores on 13 May. So far we’ve been impressed with what we’ve seen, especially the way it emphasises team work. Today the developer has released a video explaining how basic multiplayer gameplay works, and we’re not revising our opinion: this looks like a stonker.

We already knew about how you could revive and help out teammates, now we can see how you whizz across the terrain, and it’s very simple: all you do is hold down sprint and the game does the rest. This means that light body types can hammer it across the levels with no fuss, making them extremely hard to hit, bouncing of ledges and walls to surprise opponents with sneaky attacks. You can even incapacitate baddies by sliding into them, which we think is ace, but the best thing is that the knife attachment doesn’t instantly kill you, like in Call of Duty. Thank God for that.

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