More Blackberry Playbook info

The iPad took the world by storm when it was released a couple of months back, making tech heads dribble with desire and anti-Apple types curse at the popularity of their infernal rivals. What on earth is going to stop them from dominating the tablet market for decades to come? Well we reckon the newly-unveiled Blackberry Playbook, which was announced yesterday, could be just the rival that the iPad needs in order to give it a well-needed kick up the backside.

Just taking a look at some of the features has convinced us that it could very well become the leader in the tablet market; not does it have support full Adobe Flash 10.1 with hardware acceleration (and runs Adobe AIR apps), it has two cameras, one for taking photos and full HD filming, another one for video conferences. It can also apparently output 1080p video through a HDMI socket and playback DivX and WMV files. It’s not all good news though: it doesn’t have 3G (WHY??) and makers RIM haven’t announced a price or even a timeline for release. Still it looks nice in this video, doesn’t it?

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