Moog launch the Moog Guitar Paul Vo Edition

Moog's revolutionary synthesizers changed music for ever. Now the company are set to move into virgin territory with the release of the Moog Guitar Paul Vo Edition. It has already been given five gold stars by music legend Lou Reed.

While many people had been expecting a guitar synth or MIDI controller the Moog Guitar is neither. Instead it is the first guitar to offer infinite sustain thanks to specially designed strings and custom pickups.

The Guitar Paul Vo Edition is Moog's first offering since the release of the Little Phatty synthesizer in 2006 - a digital version of its analog classic. But the company's foray into the guitar market is its biggest innovation since the 70s when Dr. Moog put affordable synths into the hands of musicians the world over. The only hitch is the price. The Moog Guitar Paul Vo Edition currently retails at a whopping $6495.

The Moog Guitar Paul Vo Edition in action

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