A Scoot around Town in the Montana Agility Electric Bike

All too often electric bikes are not sure whether they are pedal bikes or scooters or something different entirely. I am afraid that the Montana Agility electric bike is a perfect example of this.

At first the design annoyed us a little and then it annoyed us a lot. The unisex scooter styling doesn't look very appealing, but once you get on it and start pedalling you find the Montana's biggest design flaw. It is uncomfortable to pedal. This is definitely a machine that you will want to run on electric most of the time.

The battery is 200W which is good for about 15 miles. This is substantially lower than other bikes we have tested for similar prices. Although the Montana Agility is marginally the cheapest option, costing just £500 new or around £300 second hand, it could be worth saving up a few weeks longer and picking a slightly more expensive option. You get what you pay for, after all!

If you do want to get the Montana Agility Electric Bike the best place to go is eBay, where we have seen them go for as little as £295.

The one good thing we have to say about the Agility is that it is absolutely excellent for bringing home the shopping. It can carry up to 100kg. Just pop your bags in the convenient front basket and off you go!

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