Money to burn?

Despite the redundancies, reposessions, and general misery, the financial crisis wasn't all bad. At least it put paid to the increasingly ridiculous habit of chucking a few diamonds on a piece of electronic kit and charging a stupid amount for it.

Oh, what's that? It hasn't? Damn. No, at least not in Russia, home of the crazily rich and generally crazy. The entertainingly-named Munk Bogballe - 'purveyor of fine personal computers,' according to his press release - has just launched a daft new line of luxury $7,000 laptops at the Moscow Millionaires' Fair.

What do you get? An actually fairly bog-standard Intel Core i5 laptop, that's what. The money goes on the unibody aluminium case, mahogany screen frame, leather cover, gold trim and - our favourite - pearl on/off button. And, of course, some diamonds.

We think this looks and sounds hideous, but if you've recently won the lottery and you beg to differ, Engadget has the details.

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