We find out how Money Supermarket finds cheaper mobile broadband for you

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Buying mobile broadband can be very difficult and costly if you don't understand what you are getting. For instance, you have to choose from different speeds, usage allowances and terms of contract. Money Supermarket makes buying mobile broadband so much easier than shopping for it in independent outlets.

Money Supermarket is one of the UK's best known comparison websites. these sites help you compare different deals from different service providers of mobile broadband. They have over 50 different deals from Vodafone, O2, Three and Orange.

You can currently get pay as you go mobile broadband with Three. This is an excellent way of getting high quality internet without all the bills. You simply top up your dongle the same as you would top up your mobile phone. There are no commitments with this type of package allowing you to stop using it whenever you like. Speeds of up to 7.2 MB are available. You can get a Three pay as you go mobile broadband for as little as £21 for your first year.

Vodafone have a great prepay deal at the moment. For £7.50 a month you get 3 GB allowance to use as well as speeds of up to 7.2 MB. Your dongle and last 3 months of internet is free of charge. You can pay by direct debit each month and must agree to a 12 month term.

So why not let Money Supermarket compare mobile broadband for you. Check them out at moneysupermarket.com.

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