We take a look at how you can make money for your old mobile phones in the UK

In the last few years mobile phones have almost become a disposable commodity. Despite the fact that we pay hundreds of pounds for the very latest models on an almost annual basis (even more regularly than that for some people), as soon as we have replaced our existing handset it usually gets flung in some far corner to be forgotten about and gather dust until rediscovered down the line only to be thrown out with the rubbish.

This is a terrible waste of technology, especially when it's possible to earn yourself some money back on your old handsets. While many people will avail of trade in offers at stores like The Carphone Warehouse, we recommend that you sell your phones privately in order to make the most money from them.

Before you start placing adverts though, we recommend that your handset ticks all the boxes to make it as profitable as possible. Firstly, it should be unlocked to all networks. If you are unsure as to whether yours is or not, pop in a SIM card from a network other than the one you used previously. If the card works, then your phone is unlocked. If it doesn't you can get it unlocked at your local phone store, or online at the many unlocking sites, for a small fee.

Once your phone is unlocked, you have a much bigger market to sell to. Next, have a good look at the handset itself. Is it damaged in any way? Even a few scratches on the screen can hugely affect the price you'll get for it on the second hand market, but rather than simply lying about the condition of the handset, we recommend that you are as honest as possible.

Finally, you'll need to erase all your personal data from the handset. You can do this by manually deleting all the phone numbers, emails and texts and restoring the handset to its factory settings (consult your manual for this procedure).

Now that it's ready to sell, you'll need to place an advert. While we have no problems suggesting eBay, it's worth remembering that you'll have to pay an insertion fee and a percentage of your sale price to eBay for using their service. For this reason many people prefer services like Craigslist where you can place adverts for free. Another option is to use your local classifieds paper, or the classifieds section in your local newspaper.

Since these services are all local, you won't need to worry about postage and packaging, making the sale a lot more straightforward and less costly to yourself. By following this simply guide, you'll be able to make plenty of money for your old mobile phones in the UK.

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