Money 2.0

You have to admire Google's chutzpah. Every time they release a new product it's not just a handy tool, it's a reinvention of everything that's ever happened. Take their new payment system, Google Wallet.

Google Wallet means you can pay for stuff with your phone. It's software you add to your Android phone which means that, if the phone has an NFC chip - new 'near-field-communication' technology a bit like in an Oyster card - you can link it to a credit card and pay for stuff! It's just like having one of those newfangled contactless credit cards, except it's in your phone.

Convenient? Sure. Revolutionary? Not really. But Google, being Google, make it sound as if it's the most amazing thing to ever occur in the history of the world.

I mean, whatever. Google Wallet won't be coming to the UK just yet as it's a predictably US-first launch, but we're sure we'll get our hands on some of that OMG FUN! sooner or later. And that'll be another area of our lives taken over by Google...

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