Moldable Mouse

Do you lie awake at night pondering how you could make your computer's mouse more rodent shaped? Are you lacking a creative outlet in your working life? Well help will soon literally be at hand in the shape of the Moldable Mouse.

Rejecting the hard plastic design of the conventional mouse, Lite-On Technology have come up with a prototype that uses modelling clay covered with a nylon fabric which can be shaped by the user. The idea is that the elasticity of the Moldable Mouse will help to combat the many wrist injuries caused by extensive use of the orthodox design.

The left and right mouse buttons and touch-sensitive scroll pad are wireless and can be stuck-on by the user, a technological wet dream for Southpaws the world over.

While designers Lite-On still haven't announced a release date, it's only a matter of time before you come back after lunch to see your prized Moldable Mouse Bernini transformed into a cock and balls. As the old proverb goes, technology may move on, but penis jokes are never obsolete.

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