Modern Warfare 2 - gameplay videos leaked

If you’re anything like we are, you’re champing at the bit to play Modern Warfare 2, what with all the hype running out of control and your inner contract killer itching to get at that trigger and blast some fools. Well Some lucky chap has got his hands on a copy of a beta version of the game, and instead of keeping this to himself, he’s only gone and put itup on YouTube. Good work, whoever you are.

Here we can see some faffing around with online menus and some of the game in action.

Here we see maps and a little bit more gameplay, although we’re a bit light on people to shoot at.

Meanwhile this is an odd looking third-person GTA style sequence, again with little in the way of enemies. Despite this (and the grainy footage), it gives us a little look at how the game is going to function, even if it is the PC version.

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