Modern Warefare in your browser?

Over the years we’ve heard any number of analysts predict that one day there will only be one console, or that virtual reality will be the way forward, but as far as we can see the world of gaming has actually expanded in scope rather than narrowed. Right now there are three massive-selling consoles, PC and handheld platforms, whereas in our youth there was only Nintendo and Sega in the console world, alongside computers and a tiny handheld market.

However, that hasn’t stopped the analysts from claiming that the video game world as we know it will soon crumble. The newest one we’ve heard is that people will soon be playing console standard games in internet browsers. Yeah, right.

‘Somebody is going to deliver console level 3D graphics, video and audio into a web browser,’ the London Venture Partners said at the Italian Videogame Developers Conference, Develop reports. ‘That will be the tipping point for the evolution of our industry that will accelerate what we can do in a browser, and I think will create the next generation platform for games.

‘I think in the next five-to-ten years we will easily get this level of game (Modern Warfare 2) inside a web browser, on your mobile platform, on your iPad, and we will be able to deliver that level of immersion to any kind of screen.

‘The battleground for the future, and the opportunity in the future is going to be about... who is going to be satisfying the needs of the core gamer on an open platform. I think we have probably seen the last of the traditional game console companies already in the market. I don't think we're going to see a new entrant who is going to be able to compete at the level that Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have established.’

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